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Famagusta Ghost Town

Before the division of Cyprus in 1974, Varosha was a booming resort town with sky-scraping hotels, glamorous shopping districts, and sandy beaches frequently called the best in Cyprus.


The first sunrise in Europe

Protaras is located on south-eastern part of Cyprus. Due to it’s position it receives the first sunrise in Europe. This beautiful resort extends around 10km through Konnos Bay to Capparis.There is famous beaches like Fig Tree Bay, with crystal clear waters along this coast, family and it is a quiet place for relaxing.

Green Bay

Turtles Area

Between the center of Protaras and the area of Cape Greco is the very popular Green Bay area. It is famous as “turtle’s area” and for its underwater sculpture park, attracting snorkelers and divers from around the area.

Cape Greco

National Park

In 1993 Cape Greco was designated as a national park, beautifully tranquil, between the tourist resorts of Agia Napa and Protaras. It boasts a dense juniper forest and covers an area of around 385 hectares. Creacian Park Hotel is the last main buildings before entering the Cape Greco area. There are other wonderful sights to see though, the church of Agioi Anargiri, the natural rock formation and many SEA CAVES and LOVER’S BRIDGE are a joy to behold. It is also a great area for snorkeling and diving since the underwater caves and rocky bottom provide an abundance of sea life.

Sea Caves

Beautiful place to see with clear blue water and rockery backdrop

The caves that fill the area, were formed by the erosion of rocks from waves crashing on the cliffs over the centuries. They can be explored carefully on foot or by sea since to reach some of them you have to swim. It’s advisable to wear appropriate shoes as they can be slippery and sharp.
Legend has it that the caves were used by pirates and smugglers of the Mediterranean to hide their treasures and store prohibited goods.

Lover's Bridge

Want to visit the famous Love Bridge ? It’s one of the most beautiful places in Cyprus

It truly is a wonderful location, especially during the calm summer months when the sun is shining. The crystal clear water shifts in various shades of blue and when the sea is calm.
According to local myth, wishes will come true when lovers kiss while standing in the middle of the bridge arch and make a wish. It’s quite a romantic place with scenic views and amazing color of the crystal clear water.

Blue Lagoon

One of the best swimming spots on the island of Cyprus

Blue Lagoon – this beautiful area is the most popular swim stop for every boat trip renowned for it crystal clear turquoise waters and white sandy bottom. It is sheltered from the winds , the sea remains flat calm and nice

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